Managing your serversServer Management

Your needs have grown and now require more resources: your sites and applications need to be installed on one or more dedicated servers. Alvaria can take care of this and then manage your remote servers.

  • Advice and audit
  • Server Management contract
  • Backup and system and data restoration policy
  • Anticipation of needs and management of occasional overload peaks

With its extensive experience in managing multi-architecture servers, Alvaria will be able to meet your needs, but also anticipate them in order to prevent any risk that could have irreparable repercussions on your activity and put your business in danger.

Frequently asked questions

Glossary of questions related to server infogérance

  • Do I really need server infogérance?

    Server Management is there to relieve you from the management of your servers, which requires special skills and therefore dedicated personnel in your company. With infogérance, you reduce risks while reducing costs.

  • Big Data refers to the storage of very large volumes of data, which can be analyzed and used to obtain information on your company's KPIs using well-mastered tools such as ElasticSearch.

  • Virtualization is the maximum abstraction of the production environment that allows for hardware freedom. To put it simply, it's like having a personalized interior in your car with all the options that you can move to a new car while driving.

  • To be able to answer this question, we need to analyze your infrastructure. You can contact us here and get a free quote.

  • Here are a few simple questions that you should ask yourself. If you don't know the answers, be prepared.

    1. Do I have backups?
    2. Are they up-to-date and functional?
    3. When was the last time a restoration test was done?
    4. What would be the cost of a total loss of my data?

Do you need server management services?

Don't take any risks: hire a specialist to handle these sensitive tasks. Alvaria can support you and take care of your server management.