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Alvaria in a few dates


Acquisition: Axes et Sites

Only the web, hosting, and communication business units are acquired, we were managing their servers, so it's a customer base we know well and the takeover is simplified


Acquisition of Digital-Ouest

A new step in Alvaria's growth: acquisition of Digital-Ouest, a company specialized in web marketing and website creation



Completion of a Framework allowing the development of online applications, online stores, and high-traffic websites


Acquisition of Arrowbase

The company grows again with the acquisition of Celtinet, better known as Arrowbase


Acquisition of Canelle

The company evolves and opens up to companies not specialized in IT with the development of management software and websites


Alvaria is created

Creation of SAS Alvaria specialized in complex development outsourcing, as well as hosting and maintenance of high-availability servers for web agencies in Bretagne


A gradual start as a sole proprietorship

Initially start a company while studying, I was teaching computer courses in computer schools from level BAC+3 to BAC+5, as well as working as a freelancer for web agencies.